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ts almost as if we spent so much time
in the archives, we looked up one
day and were amazed to find that we
now WERE the archives....
All my life I had dreamed of it, but it
was absurd - nobody had the stars in
their garage, their basement, their
barn.  But people do. Now I do too, and
so can you.  Dream.  Dream BIG
Old Sumner Skies Site (phone number
no longer current on this site!)
Prototype Posting Board
The Sender Chronicles
it doesnt have to be perfect, it just needs to exist ...
From a Late Nite Radio
The Spyglass Network
The Land We Knew (Tolkien Rock Opera)
from the optical wizardries of
industrial giants to your corner
hardware store ... from
scientific legends to enthusiasts
tinkering in garages and barns
...  these worlds meet, mingle,
and share one common
purpose - the stars
book show at the Gallatin Planetarium!
the  Sumner Skies Planetarium

1203 Highway 25, Gallatin, TN  37066
Sumner County's first and only
planetarium, 15 foot dome, shows
given by appointment, large groups
welcome - also covers planetarium
building - come see the stars!

Domes can be made of many materials
All planetarium 'toys' have value
your host Gary Likert
An easy to make planetarium
Reading glasses make good lenses
Use a small bright light source
create a horizon silhouette
home construction need not be fancy!
domes are challenging
star globes/ cylinders can be metal or rubber
choose your music!
Richard Emmons, the father of home planetariums
the Likert star cylinder
holy grail - the renwal Cosmorama
Make your starholes and
your light source tiny for
pinhole projection
my first star theater (10 foot dome)
Home planetariums have a rich history
Steven Smith and his copper star
cylinder, which I purchased
Richard Emmons school planetarium
the planetarium bible (hard to find)
Richard Emmons school planetarium
Emmons Ohio garage star theater
Smith  Arizona star theater
My Emmons Planetarium projector in
the Planetarium Museum, Big Bear
Lake, California!
Groups of up to 30 or more
welcome, each show seats
about 10 children and 5 adults.
Planetarium shows last about
30 minutes and cover basic
constellation identification.  
Informal setting allows passing
the pointer!  
Make this Dipper
Finder project!
These are the Stars - Video Introduction!
Sumner Star Theater: Under Ancient Egyptian Skies!
Tour Sumner Skies 2015!